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Zerion DNA 1.0

Zerion DNA is a first-of-its-kind generative NFT that evolves as you explore Web3. Your wallet activities will shape your NFT’s appearance, making it a true reflection of your Web3 journey.

This means your Zerion DNA changes over time according to the amount of gas you’ve spent, the amount of assets you hold, the networks you support and more! You can set your NFT as your wallet avatar and showcase your unique onchain identity.

Zerion DNA holders also enjoy exclusive perks from our partners such as airdrops, claims, whitelisting, discounts and other rewards.

To claim your DNA, create a Zerion Wallet with our iOS or Android apps. The NFT is free to mint, just pay for gas fees.

Learn more about Zerion DNA here: https://zerion.io/dna/

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Token ID351196
Token Standarderc721
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